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I am Coach Woody Goulart. I live and work in Las Vegas, Nevada. I welcome you here to my website today.

Who am I? I’ve been providing coaching, consulting, mentoring and training to adults continuously since the late 1970s. That was when I worked within large and small organizations. Now, I work directly and one-to-one with you.

People select a professional business or life coach for one reason: They’ve decided to change their life in some specific or general way, and they are seeking help to get started with that.

You can benefit from my skillful coaching no matter where you live. This is not just for people who are in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada.


I can help you as a coach if you’re a visitor to Las Vegas and you came here to relax and unwind. While you’re visiting Las Vegas, I invite you to request a free, no-obligation strategy session with me.

If you are a full-time, year-round resident of the state of Nevada, I offer a discount of 15% off.

I offer business plus life coaching. The plus part is what makes a big difference here in me versus other coaches. Your business life cannot be separately cleanly from your personal life. The two go together tightly and should not be looked at as though they can be separated. So, I named this service business plus life coaching.

What I offer is simple to express: I offer proven shortcuts, skills, tricks and tactics to change something specific in your business life and your personal life.

I teach you to use your built-in abilities (no medications and no magic necessary) so that you start moving in the most productive life direction for getting what you want.

Thank you so much for visiting here today. I look forward to hearing from you so I can start to prepare a customized, tailored solution just for you.

My business plus life coaching can benefit you because unlike many other coaches, I use what you’ve already got inside of you here in the present rather than trying to push something on to you from the outside or from the past.

My business plus life coaching is for you if you want to FEEL HAPPIER and FEEL SUCCESSFUL:

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